Mădălina & George

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I’m an open person and I like to communicate directly, so in the following lines, I’ll be honest with you, my readers, and I’ll admit that in the past, I used to publish my clients’ photos much faster and words came more easily to me. In the past two years, I’ve published wedding stories and photos less frequently, but now … Read More

After wedding with Andreea & Andrei

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Shortly after the wedding of Andreea and Andrei I went with them for two days through Sibiu area for the Trash The Dress session. It was beautiful, we laughed, we had fun and passed through some adventures. It’s not the first time the rain is playing with my photo sessions, I almost got used to it. At one point Andrei … Read More

Isabela & Mihai

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I have known Mihai for a long time, since I used to take pictures in the clubs of Galati. We met through another friend also named Mihai, a DJ from Galati. Together they teamed up and they needed some shots together. I was just renting the studio space, and if I’m not mistaken, they even gave me a helping hand … Read More

Lidia & Grigore

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When I think of Lidia and Gregory’s wedding, it comes to mind the loving gaze with which their parents conforted them during the event. Although I didn’t met them until the wedding day, as we just talked online, I was able to work very well with them. The wedding was in November, but we were lucky and the weather was … Read More

Sorina & Cristi

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There is a dilemma that all newlyweds are facing at a romanian wedding. Should they go on the tradiotional way or not? What will the parents say, but the guests? Some say that the traditions will fade if nobody will take care of them. Others will say that this is evolution. Most will try to reconcile both. Sorina and Cristi managed … Read More

Alexandra & Silviu

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What could I say about Alexandra and Silviu? They are a loving and an optimistic couple. I talked less than 10 minutes with Alexandra and she asked me  directly when can we sign the contract. This happened on facebook of course, because they live in Scotland. After we signed the contract we talked online about various details regarding the wedding. Then … Read More

Mariana & Andrei

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I still can remember the first time I met Mariana and Andrei. I felt we will get along perfectly and I wasn’t wrong. As usually happens, time passed quickly and the wedding day came. I firstly arrived to Andrei’s homeand I documented the first preparations. Then we went together to the godparents and from there to Mariana. I was glad … Read More

Daniela & Dragoş – a Santorini wedding story

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No matter what industry we operate in, we all have some dreams we want to fulfill. For example, I love to photograph weddings in locations I have never been before. You realize just how happy I was when Dragos told me that they want me to photograph their wedding in Santorini. That’s because Santorini it’s not just any island, it’s … Read More

Mariana & George

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Although it’s only 15 km away, the towns of Galati and Braila treated differently the preservation and renovation of architectural monuments. In just a few years, Braila managed to renovate a lot of old buildings and the result is great. A walk through Braila is now a true walk in time. It is understandable why I’m happy to shoot weddings … Read More

Romina şi Daniel

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Sometimes my clients are living in another country or are just working abroad. This means I will see them for the first day on the wedding day. Of course, this is not a problem since now we have the internet and we can talk as much as we want about all the details of the wedding. This is how it … Read More

Irina & Claudiu

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After each wedding I start to select the best photos and edit them. Usually this will take me around a week. And every time I’m anxious to finish because I want to get to the next step, to send the final images to the customers. And then I’ll wait for the feedback. For me, this is the most important step. … Read More

Ani şi George

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Ani and George are yet another loving couple that I fondly remember. They wanted the full package, so they got an engagement session and also an after wedding session. The first session took place in a very sunny day, much like the wedding day. I cannot say the same about the day we chose to shoot the after wedding session. … Read More