Claudia & Bogdan

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Every wedding I photograph is unique and I always find something new or different at every event I attend. It may be the dynamics of the couple, it may be a custom I didn’t know or for example, it may be that the bride and groom will be able to publish the photos taken by the photographer on a web … Read More

Nicoleta & Alex

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From the first meeting I have with each couple I recommend to enjoy their wedding day, to live it effectively. Because it is a busy day, many have the feeling that everything is going too fast. This is perhaps the most important advice I can give to the future newlyweds. I was glad to see Nicoleta and Alex fully enjoying … Read More

Andreea & Adrian – prewedding

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I must admit, when Andreea and Adrian first proposed to me to do the prewedding session at a stadium, I was taken by surprise. The stadium was not really my first choice as a location for a prewedding session. But they wished to make it there and because Adrian is a big football fan, we ended up shooting the session … Read More

Simona & George – part I

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2019 was lilke a lightning. Very fast and very beautiful also. Something tells me that 2020 will be no different. Simona & George are one of the reasons why I say this. They chose to make the civil marriage in 2019 and the wedding will be this year. About Simona and George, I don’t have to say much. Their love … Read More

Carmen & Marius

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Carmen and Marius have made it! As a wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to capture that moment when everything changes. Watching this lovely couple through my camera lens, it was clear to me that I was looking at two people whose dream was coming true. Meeting them for the pre-wedding photo shoot, I felt like I was being invited … Read More

Daniela & Valeriu

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The new wedding season which soon will begin, Iâm posting yet another wedding from last year. that of Daniela and Valeriu. As usual, I did a photo session with them before the wedding in the beautiful realms of Dobrogea. I liked the fact that they were natural and so the whole session was a relaxing experience for everybody. I think … Read More

Oana & Mihai

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2018 was so great that I think it will be hard to match it, but that motivates me even more. I met many special couples and I photographed their sensational weddings. I felt more connected than ever with wedding photography and I can say for sure that this is also the “fault” of those that I photographed. What can I … Read More

Irina & Mihai

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Initially I set up a preweding session with Irina and Mihai in Bucharest, where they live. Unfortunately we had to change plans because of the bad weather and eventually we did it near Focsani, where they met for the first time. So we walked together though a the forest in Petreşti, we talked about them and had a wonderful time … Read More

Elena & Cătălin

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Remeber the feeling that you had in your childhood when you couldn’t wait to open the presents on Christmas? I’ll tell you a secret: this is how wedding photographers are waiting for the reviews. I’m telling you this because Elena just left me a review recently and I think she nailed it. I couldn’t describe better the way we worked … Read More

Nicoleta & Marian

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This was one “intense” wedding. It’s hard to find the right words to describe the wedding of Nicoleta and Marian, but I can say it was a long succesion of jokes and a lot of good vibes. And I don’t mean just the bride and the groom, but all the guests also. A wonderful wedding. And yes, some tears were … Read More

Diana & Dan, new formula

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Diana and Dan are exactly the kind of people I want to have as clients. We met about four years ago when they got married and then we’ve seen each other several times on different ocasions. They relocated shortly after the wedding in Bucharest and I even met them there one time.