Who am I?

Hello! My name is Ciprian and I am a photographer, husband and entrepreneur. This is my wedding photography dedicated site. I like voluble and honest people. I love to travel and learn about the culture and cuisine of the visted places. I am an idealist and sociable guy, passionate about photography and beautiful things.

What do I do?

I’m a wedding photographer since 2009. I witnessed hundreds of events and I enjoyed each one. I captured moments and feelings known only by the those I photographed. In time I have evolved and I try to be better with every wedding. I do other kinds of photography also and until december 2016 I used to publish all on artandcolor.ro. Then I realized that my wedding photography deserves a dedicated website and so I started this one. I try to creatively use my experience in other types of photography in the wedding photography.


I’m located in Romania but I love shooting destination weddings. I shot weddings in very romantic places. Some of the locations I liked the most were Santorini, Perugia and Edinburgh. The ideal wedding for me is in a place I didn’t visited yet. For instance, I haven’t visited Japan yet ?


Wedding photography requires good knowledge of the marrying couple. Without this it will be difficult to communicate and get good photographs. I believe that photography should capture the grooms as they are, and this is not an easy thing to achieve. The wedding can be a quite stressful event and usually is will not be easy for the grooms to act natural in front of the camera. Because I know you want to have great photos, which your children will look fondly at over the years, I will have to meet you to discuss your wedding. If the distance between us does not allow us, we can do this online with Skype or Facebook.


I like to observe and photograph people. I’m doing other kinds of photography, but all involve shooting people. That must be due to the fact that I’m a pretty sociable person. I can pretty easy “read” people and it helps me enormously when I shoot someone.

How much?

Before we talk about the price I would like to know that you browsed the stories on the site. Based on them you should choose your wedding photographer. That said, I’d love to be your wedding photographer, my packages start at 700 EUR.  So, what are you waiting for? Send me a message and I will send you an offer!


After you decide to choose me as your wedding photographer, we will sign a contract and an advance of 20% of the contract amount will have to be paid. This can be done with cash or bank transfer. Because I am a fan of cryptocurrencies, I can also accept bitcoin as payment and I even offer a 10% discount for those who choose to pay with bitcoin.