Mihaela & Mickael

The 2018 wedding season is over now, I finished editing the photos and almost all the photobooks. It was maybe the most intense year since I started shooting weddings and I worked alot to finish everything until the end of the year. Now I can finally publish at least some weddings here after a break of o few months.

If I  remember correctly, the first time I talked with Mihaela about her wedding I told her I was not available for her wedding because of a mistake I made in my calendar. Also her wedding was in a Sunday and I already had another wedding signed for the Saturday, the same weekend. Usually two weddings in the same weekend are hard to shoot but I didn’t regret the effort I put for the wedding of Mihaela and Mickael.

Obviusly, we talked about the details of their wedding and the locations of the shooting. Initially, we decided to shoot the prewedding shoot at Eagles Lake but unfortunately we din’t found an offroad car to go there. This is why MIhaela came up with another ideea, to shoot the wedding near the hills of Năeni, a small village near Buzău, Romania.

And so I met with them for the first time. My wife did her makeup while I talked with Mickael about the wedding. I met their cat also, Noki. He was not so happy to meet me though.

Mihaela and Mickael made a lot of things for their wedding with their own hand. You can see above that Mickael is engraving some wood for a board where the guets could write some words at their wedding.

As you can see the weather was kind with us.

After the prewedding shoot I couldn’t wait for their wedding day. They were so relaxed and I really loved the time spent with them.

And so, the wedding day arrived and here we were, at a small resort named “Caprice” in Sărata Monteoru, Romania.

After the civil ceremony, we headed to the forest, where Mickael and his friends prepared a little surprize. Mickael studied ecology and he’s a great lover of the nature. Because they are not religious they have chosen to have their wedding ceremony in the forest.


Shortly after the wedding they told me they would like to shoot the trash the dress session near Brest, in France. And so I traveled to France and I stayed a few at their place. It was there where I finally understood where those Lego pieces from their wedding cake were from. Mickael is a big Lego collector. I also met Noki again and I can say still didnt liked me. Well, on my last day there he let me pet him a little.

For the shooting we traveled in some locations near Brest and we had a lot of fun. 

I never witnessed my clients looking at their wedding photographs. Well, they gathered all their friends and they watched all the photographs together. They laughed and had a lot of fun watching the pictures together. After the last picture I think I blushed because they all started to applaud me. 

I wish them to stay in love with each other for the rest of their lives.