Mariana & George

Although it’s only 15 km away, the towns of Galati and Braila treated differently the preservation and renovation of architectural monuments. In just a few years, Braila managed to renovate a lot of old buildings and the result is great. A walk through Braila is now a true walk in time. It is understandable why I’m happy to shoot weddings there. As a wedding photographer I must admit that Braila has more to offer from this point of view.

Mariana and George’s wedding was a traditional one. After the civil marriage we have chosen to do a photo shoot in Nicapetre Cultural Center, recently renovated.

The religious wedding service was held in the Greek church. Although it is in a great need of restoration, the Greek church in Braila captures your attention. That’s because it doesn’t look like the other orthodox churches, and its architecture is more like a catholic church.

After this we went to the old center, on Mihai Eminescu street for another photo shoot. We were lucky because the sunset was just gorgeous.

I thank those two for their trust and wish them many happy years together!