Maria şi Andrei

Not everyone can be relaxed in front of a camera. Some try to find positions and expressions that will help them look great but sometimes the results are worse. I do not prefer any of these options. Many are asking me how to pose because they are not photogenic. As a wedding photographer, I think the best photographs are the ones in which the subjects are not looking at the photographer and behave as if they are alone.

With Mary and Andrew it was fairly simple. They perfectly understood what they have to do and I can say that worked great. It would have been almost impossible to be otherwise, because they are a couple with a good sense of humor and also deeply in love.

After discussing with them I learned their story. This is how I learned they met in a club. I thought it would be great to do the photo shoot before the wedding there. We went there and chose a table right in the place where they first saw each other. We talked, we laughed and they even made some “plans” regarding their first years of marriage.

And the wedding day arrived. It was a superb day and I was glad to see that they managed to leave all their worries aside and enjoy the most of their wedding. The party was a blast. The guests danced all night long and they even invented a few new dance steps.

I’m really happy I met them and I loved to be their wedding photographer. I wish them a happy life together!