Isabela & Mihai

I have known Mihai for a long time, since I used to take pictures in the clubs of Galati. We met through another friend also named Mihai, a DJ from Galati. Together they teamed up and they needed some shots together. I was just renting the studio space, and if I’m not mistaken, they even gave me a helping hand with it.

We continued to see each other on different occasions, clubs and other events that he had presented. He is a man of all appreciation, very hardworking, passionate and determined.

I only met Isabela when they came to talk about their wedding.

The wedding took place in three cities and two counties. Because they are from Bereşti and Barlad, we went to both places and then we returned to Galaţi.

And the party was great. First of all I heard Mihai singing for the first time. I have to confess that he does it very well. What other talents do you have Mihai?

The guests enjoyed the party and danced continuously. And I don’t exaggerate. I often found myself unable to get into the ring because it was full.

The biggest surprise came later in the night when I noticed what advantages you may have when you are a MC. Two friends and colleagues of Mihai made a great show. Lorand Sax Machine and Mika Violin have delighted us singing some songs using a violin and a  saxophone. It was fantastic!

In short, a wonderful couple, a beautiful day and a party to remember a long time.

I wish you a lovely and fulfilling life!