Andreea & Andrei, a McDonald’s love story

Andreea and Andrei are two very nice people, always with a smile on their faces. They met when they worked together at McDonalds Galati.  Soon they came close and fell in love. Then Matthew appeared, a lovely boy.
I was glad when they contacted me for the wedding because I knew them beforehand and I was sure we would get along perfectly. I don’t know how to explain, but they are the kind of people who radiate positive energy.
Time passed quickly and the wedding day arrived. I met Andreea first at the makeup salon and then we met Andrei and the rest of my friends to take some photos with the preparation.
I took some pictures with them, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.
I laughed a lot with them and their friends, they are a great group of friends.

We all left from that location and, given their story, we headed to McDonald’s Galaţi to take some photos there. On this occasion, we checked if they still know how to serve at McDonalds.

The wedding followed it’s natural course and we went to the grandparents, then to their home and then to the church.

Though it had been clear all day, the sun had disappeared all the way behind clouds so we couldn’t make some photopgraphs with the sunset. Still, we did some more shots and then we went to the restaurant for the party.

The party was obviously a success, everyone danced and had a lot of fun.
We worked perfectly together and I had fun with them. Now I cannot wait to go with them and shoot the trash the dress session, so you’ll see them here pretty soon.