Eliza & Sebastian – save the date photo session

I met Eliza and Sebastian last year when we started talking about their wedding in Galaţi this year. From the first phonecall I realized that they are paying much attention to details, and this fact was confirmed when I met them for the first time in my studio.

I have no reason to lie, I will always be able to collaborate better and I’ll have more inspiration with a couple of lovers. You could see their love by the way they were looking at each other and for that reason I liked them and I knew that the results would be great.

It has not been long before they contacted me for the pre-wedding photo session. Because it was long before the wedding, we decided to take some photos with the theme “save the date” also.

Galati is not a small town, but like any wedding photographer, at some point you tend to “escape” from classical locations. That’s why lately I did most of these photo sessions outside the city. We traveled over the Danube river and we even climbed a little through the Măcin Mountains for this photo session.

Here are some pictures from the session.