After wedding with Andreea & Andrei

Shortly after the wedding of Andreea and Andrei I went with them for two days through Sibiu area for the Trash The Dress session. It was beautiful, we laughed, we had fun and passed through some adventures. It’s not the first time the rain is playing with my photo sessions, I almost got used to it. At one point Andrei even said that I’m “walking with a cloud above my head.”

Right before the first photos, we were stuck in a field because of all the water from the rain. We managed to solve the problem quite quickly, we took some pictures and then went on to Sibiu. We soon noticed a beautiful rainbow and stopped for a few shots. As we returned to the car, the sun was warmly smiling at us over a hill. We believed the rain was over and since the hill seemed interesting to me, we decided to go there a bit for some photos. I don’t think we went more than 200 meters. I photographed about two or three photos and the rain started again slowly.

Being used to rains I quickly put my camera under my shirt, I screamed to them to retreat and I started to run to the car. I was lucky because when I got to the car it was raining heavily. But Andreea and Andrei, being much farther away from the car, were more affected.

We then arrived in Sibiu, we strolled and made some photos, and then we went to rest for the next day, reserved for the Transfagarasan road.

We woke up in the morning and went to the road. Although it did not rain anymore, the sky was cloudy the whole day. But I liked the atmosphere, it contributed to the general feeling of the photos. Unfortunately, the clouds climbed up high up the mountain and I could not surprise the Transfagarasan in all its splendor.

That’s what we did on our little photographic trip. I wish them both a happy life together and I thank them for their trust!