Wedding photography workshop at Rimetea

I’ve been back for two days from a wedding photography workshop by Dragoş Luduşan from I was following Dragoş’s work for some time and I appreciate his natural shooting style.

The workshop was in Rimetea, a small village in Romania, and we were accommodated at the “Kiraly Vendeghaz” guesthouse, which I wholeheartedly recommend. The hosts are welcoming, the dishes are great and the view is unreal.

I had talented photographers as colleagues, and I think it was a relaxing and special experience for us all. I appreciated Dragoş’s transparency and availability even outside the workshop hours. Personally, I was more interested in how Dragoş interacts with customers and how exactly a he manages his shootings. I have received more than this and I can say that the workshop has made me realize a few things I need to work on.

I thank Dragos for everything and leave you with a few pictures I took at the workshop.

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