XIIG prom photography

Although photographing a prom is quite demanding, shooting such an event pleases me every time.

As in previous years, I photographed a class at the “Vasile Alecsandri” National College in Galati. I could say that it has already become a tradition of photographing a class there each year and I hope that it will continue.

This year I photographed the 12th G class – social sciences, or SS Family as they say. And they’re really like a big family, and that’s what I enjoyed. I saw they are very close and united. I photographed the graduation ceremony and then I did a photo shoot in Galati at the Public Garden with all of them. The next day, the banquet took place at the Bora Bora restaurant in Galati.

I wish them a successful year, to get through the baccalaureate and then to succeed everywhere they have planned. I thank them for the opportunity to join them. I enjoyed very much their company!

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