Cezar’s christening

Whenever I get a call from some clients which wedding I shot two or three years ago, I know there’s 90% chance that we will discuss about a christening. I’m glad when this happens, it’s actually a confirmation that they were happy with my services. That’s what happened when I was called by Andrei.

Their wedding took place in 2016 in Galaţi and I was honored to photograph it. I was glad to meet them in the new formula and meet Cezar, the new family member.

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Dominic’s christening

I know Corina and Claudiu from their engagement that took place in 2013. I still remember how much they prepared for the shooting and the preoccupation for the memories we were going to create together. They are the type of clients who communicate with the photographer and sincerely anyone would like them as clients. After a year, we reunited to their wedding, truly a  fairy tale, and after that we made a trash the dress in Bucharest at Mogosoaia Palace.

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You can’t negociate with newborns. They will do whatever they want, whenever they want. They are the real bosses. Usually I control the photo shoot but not with the newborns. I usually team up with their parents and we start to make everything we can to please the little one. It doesn’t work everytime, but sometimes we get results like this:

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